About Kin


E-mail: info@konstmuseetinorr.se
Address: Stadshustorget 1, 981 30 Kiruna
Mailing address: Kin museum för samtidskonst, 981 85 Kiruna
Organisation number: 222000-3202

Instagram: @kin.museum.for.samtidskonst
Facebook: @Kin museum för samtidskonst

About Kin

Kin Museum of Contemporary Art is Norrbotten County’s art museum for contemporary art. The museum, which first opened its doors in 2018, collects and exhibits contemporary art that demonstrates a multitude of artistic expressions, materials, and practices, with the Barents Region as a point of departure. The activities of the museum can be seen both in the physical museum space at the Kristallen City Hall in Kiruna’s new town centre, as well as in projects and exhibitions throughout the county. This derives from Kin’s commitment in making art and artistic discourse as accessible as possible across all of Norrbotten’s fourteen municipalities. The principal locations that Kin belongs are the municipality of Kiruna, and as a whole, Norrbotten County.

Beyond organizing exhibitions and other art projects, Kin’s mission is also to work intensively as a mediator through Konstverkstan in the Kristallen City Hall as well as through a wide array of guided tours, workshops, and other activities. Central to the museum's mission is a focus on children and young people, who will be prioritized as a special audience. Kin has a growing collection that will expand each year with new works.

Kin provides visitors with new experiences, knowledge, and perspectives on the world, while stimulating freedom of thought, encouraging dialogue and making art a valid voice in public and democratic discourse. A guiding principle of the museum is to “dig where you stand.” This dictum is also gladly applied to other contexts, allowing for a cross-pollination of things happening near and far. Kin is an abbreviation of Konstmuseet i norr.