Friday May 17: Round table conversation about Kin's new "recurrent image at work" with the artists Inga-Wiktoria Påve, Fredrik Prost and the designers Johanna Lewengard and Benedetta Crippa

17.05—17.05 2024

12.30, City Hall

In February 2024 a new visual language for Kin was presented in conjunction with the museum’s reopening. At the core of this language are symbols and ornamentation from the local visual culture.

Expanding on this concept, Kin’s recently introduced visual language extends to the translation of the new website's content into both Northern Sámi and Meänkieli languages, further embracing cultural diversity and inclusivity.

In what ways can local cultural heritage influence the communication strategy of a museum for contemporary art?

Meet Kin’s director Maria Lind in a conversation about the museum’s new visual language together with the artists Inga-Wiktoria Påve and Fredrik Prost, as well as the designers Johanna Lewengard and Benedetta Crippa.

12:30 in the City Hall.