February 17: Artist talk with Maja Fredin

17.02—17.02 2024

Plan 2

Saturday, February 17, Kin Museum of Contemporary Art, 2nd floor

12:45 – 13:30 A conversation between artist Maja Fredin and Anastasia Shestak, Curatorlab. In English.
Maja Fredin works with idea-based installations, which include performative elements that are based on textile craftsmanship. In her work the installation and the performativity are equally important, as it automatically allows the viewer to become a part of the work as soon, they step into artist’s installations. With a mix of both humor and profound seriousness, she works without borders across photo, video, sound, sculpture, and costume to build up a scenography of absurd scenarios. With her own choreography, she attacks subjects such as how the consumerist society has affected her own sexuality, dysfunctional relationship with food and the way she relates to other people.