Thursday May 16: Taking the matter into your own hands

16.05—16.05 2024

Konstverkstan, floor 0,5

Taking the matter into your own hands, lecture featuringcraft- and design historian Christina Zetterlund


Doris Wiklund, along with her weaving students, meticulously documented traditional weavings from the northern region—a cultural treasure that had previously been overlooked. This extensive work culminated in the 1993 publication of Gamla vävnader från Norrbotten. The overwhelming interest in traditional northern weaving led to the rapid sell-out of the book’s first edition of 1000 ,prompting the printing of another edition.

Building on Doris Wiklund’s foundational work, the discussion will center on significant instances where artists and artisans have reshaped history. Examining examples ranging from the textile artists of the Artists’ Suffrage League (1907—ca. 1918) to the exhibition Verkligheten sätter spår (1975), and including the contributions of jewelry designer Rosa Taikon and glass workers from Småland between 1978–1983, the focus is on how these figures challenged established historical narratives. By delving into their stories, the conversation aims to explore alternative realities and narratives. Christina Zetterlund, a craft- and design historian, serves as an educator, curator, and researcher with a keen interest in historiography where design and craft offer perspectives for investigating social conditions. She works as a design lecturer at Linnéuniversitet and, alongside Onkar Kular, served as the artistic leader for the Luleåbiennalen 2022–Craft& Art. Zetterlund played a pivotal role in establishing Rosa Taikon’s archive at Hälsinglands Museum and led the research project Designhistorier i andra geografier from 2021 to 2023, focusing on rewriting history with Småland and Sápmi as starting points.

The lecture will be held in Swedish.